The Bunker: How the hell did we end up here?

EP26 In the shadow of religion - Omar Sattar

June 11, 2021

Omar Sattar's family emigrated from Pakistan to Scotland where he eventually was born. 

He went to University and made a career in real estate that eventually got him to Prague where he currently lives with his family.  
Omar has had a very interesting journey which has been heavily influenced by his family background and religion.  Omar had to hide away from his parents a lot of the things that regular teenagers and young people do, he could not bring home girlfriends that were not Muslims and when he eventually fell in love with his wife it was not easily accepted by his family.
On top of that his father was constantly coming up with new business ventures that did not always end very well and resulted in some incidents that affected Omar greatly.  
These pressures and the constant hiding eventually led to Omar suffering from anxiety and depression that he has been dealing with.  
It was very interesting for me to hear his story, how hard it must be to be torn between two worlds when growing up and the constant pressure of being stuck between wanting to please your family as well as living your life the same way as your peers.

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